The mason jar.  A simple glass jar that we have been using to preserve food since 1858.  And by "we" I do not mean me.  I can't say I've ever even thought to use mason jars for really anything until recently.  Store salads and meals for around five days, fresh crisp salads for 5 days!  That is almost unheard of, a tupperware can't do that.  Eating healthy just got easier!  I will put together rice bowls or salads for you, then you can either get them delivered or pick them up on a scheduled day, and have fresh meals for days.  All dressings, sauces and marinades are homemade, no sugar, dairy only when mentioned, and fresh herbs are always used.  I use local produce whenever available, and organic produce, beans, and oils.  The proteins are always non GMO, no additives, and natural.  You can choose all organic and grass-fed proteins, just include that in your order.  Review the menu below, and send me an email with any questions and to see if you are within the delivery area. You'll be set up in no time!

If you don't like something on any salad or bowl just make a note, I'l remove it for you. 

Replace all proteins from natural to organic and grass-fed, add $2.00 to all meals and up charges.